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Engineering scripts to over-perform

Provide Expert Script Notes for Rewrites

As a film Producer, you make magic on a budget, and you've got a script that you know is good.

You've got the talented people to make it and the investors to fund it. All you have to do is make that good script great with another rewrite. But what notes can you give your writer to make your film more powerful, more effective with the same budget? 

Modern Approach to Storytelling

I believe more effective stories don't take more money, they just take more thought. In the past there have been tried and true methods to craft effective stories. These methods can still be effective, but audiences have grown-up and it's time for our stories telling to grow-up too. Using a logical approach we can engineer stories to over-perform given the same budget and talent. And with a more sophisticated approach we can craft stories to have more impact and power. 

Meet Your Story Expert

My goal is to help producers supercharge their scripts with an elegant theme using logic and not merely intuition.

-Caleb G. Brown, CEO of

The Story Locker, Inc.

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